Terms of use for works by Charles Gran, and other material on this site.

Please address requests to use materials on this site to web@campdeadly.com

The material on campdeadly.com —which includes music, photos, scores, and video—is the property of their prospective owners, and cannot be used without permission. All rights are reserved. We ask that you observe all applicable copyright law.

Without permission all uses are resticted. We are particularly concerned about the following:

  1. The audio and video in not available for any kind of redistribution without permission. This include use in which there isn't renumeration (no one is making any money).
    1. You may not host a file on any site or post it to a media site such as YouTube. Of course, you may link to any page on the site as a means of referencing a particular audio of video work.
    2. You may not use the audio and video as elements of other creative works, such as soundtrack for streaming video.
  2. The audio and video may not be played in a setting in which it is part of a performance unless you get permission in advance. Examples include:
    1. Using the video or music in a live performance setting such as a dance performance.
    2. Using the music as a soundtrack/underscore to a film, video, or similar presentation.
    3. Playing the music at an event such as a gallery showing, or before a concert.
  3. You may not perform the music without permission or having purchased or rented the scores and signed a performance agreement. To get performance rights, or purchase scores and recordings, please use this address: web@campdeadly.com